Heyo. This is my first blog entry ever. I’m not sure what to write about here. There’s a lot of potential topics I want to cover here relating to my career and hobbies. I’m planning on figuring out how to load webassembly and have some interesting content/games load onto this website. For now, I need to figure out how hugo really works for building websites.

There’s a lot of integrations that are available for the theme I’m using for this site that I want to explore (such as comments for posts). I’m not fully sure what the direction of this site will be - or whom the potential audience is.

Bob Nystrom’s blog is a good source of information and I am a fan of how they blog about a ton of interested topics. So naturally I’m going to try and draw some inspiration from them and the construction of their blog.

I’m going to make an effort to personalize my website since it’s just running with the defaults right now - but what matters is that it’s live and usable (for now).

So far - hugo seems like a really solid platform to develop websites with and likely will look to use it in the future; should I encounter and opportunities to do web development. Being able to use markdown is a really powerful too in terms of usability since I don’t actually have to write any html.

I’m updating this post to say that loading WASM files with hugo was a very interesting experience.